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Dim Sum Go Go
Established in 2000

Located in Chinatown between two bridges is Dim Sum Go Go. Michelin and Zagat rated. We serve our dim sum freshly made as you order. We do not have the chaos of the carts but we do have the highest expectation of quality first. Ingredients picked daily for our customers by our chefs to provide the perfect dim sum experience.

5 E Broadway, New York, NY 10038


Outdoor and Indoor dining

Delivery, Takeout & Frozen Dim Sum  

Open Daily 

11am - 9pm


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"This wildly popular dim sum joint is still packed to the gills most days, and for good reason: the Cantonese fare and dim sum served up at this bright, contemporary spot is as good as the food you'll find trekking out to those super-authentic places in far-flung Queens. Even better, they take reservations-and dim sum orders are taken by the staff as opposed to rolled around on the traditional cart, helping ensure the food stays super fresh.If the price seems a bit higher than its competitors, you'll find it's worth it for dishes like sweet shrimp, rolled in rice paper and laced with dark soy sauce; plump snow pea leaf dumplings spiked with vibrant ginger and garlic; rich, tender duck dumplings; or an irresistibly flaky baked roast pork pie."

– Michelin Guide Inspectors

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Catering & Private Parties



Book your next event with us! Our upstairs dining space can accommodate up to 80 people. Parties at home or a special occasion in the office? Email us with details of your event and we'll help you plan a menu.

Tel: 212-732-0797


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